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  1. ''Leaving The Paradise"  is a journey through life, hoping its not its end yet. These photographs are somehow retrospective journey flipping through past 10 years.

    It takes moving from one country to another, from one 'life' into another, from one self into the other. Always looking for the light that will carry me on. Always between darkness and light. Loving and hating people depending on which side i AM MYSELF. Hard work with glimpses of unconditional light of love coming to shine within for few seconds.

    All these photographs are aspects of me. My hunderd faces and habits, breaveness and sadness. Its me in the whole God's beauty and missery. 

    One beautiful autumn morning, after breakfast in garden I sat in a swing at my parents house, place I was born and grew up. I looked at my daughter, who was playing in garden, sun kissed my cheek so lovely that all of a sudden I felt - I am in Paradise. It was like a stroke, lightening right into my heart. Pushing me down on my knees, with lump in my throat and tears squeezing my eyes.  

    I realised I had never gone away from this place emotionally, in my heart. Wherever I have lived or travelled the world. Whatever I have ever created, my heart and my little finger had always been connected to this place, home & garden, light and smell. 

    Now, that I have become a mother, I felt I have to leave. Like I have to go and find my own way, build my own house and do my own paradise for me and my daughter. That I was not entitled to dwell in this never ending love anymore. I was not sure if I can or even want to do it. I felt so beautiful inside. 

    Take this journey as a glimpse, and don't try to understand too hard. The way to see it, is to feel it. 

    Now 3 month later I come back here and I understand that this love and this house is my roots, that I can peacfully follow their steps and grow further having its strong base. 

    Thank God !!